A Widest Range of Aesthetic Treatments

Hair Removal

hair removal solutions achieve maximum results for all areas of the body with safety, comfort and high patient satisfaction

Face Lift

HIFU is a non-surgical procedure to lift the eyebrow, neck and under-chin, and to improve décolletage lines and wrinkles!

Pigmented Lesions

IPL and laser treatments remove the age spots and pigmentation, which are specially designed for patient comfort and are safe and effective for all skin types, including dark skin.

Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal treatments effectively eliminated unwanted dark and multi-colored tattoos.

Body Contouring

body contouring treatment provides a nearly painless, non-invasive, no downtime body contouring option that gives durable results.

More Treatments

Skin Rejuvenation

skin rejuvenation treatments rejuvenates mature skin, enhancing your patients’ natural beauty and revealing smoother, younger, healthier-looking skin.

Scars & Acne Scars

scars solutions treat a wide range of scar types using ablative CO2 fractional laser.


Suitable for all skin types, has no side effects and achieves a clearer, smoother complexion with lasting results.

Stretch Marks

CO2 fractional laser treatments improve the color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, with no pain and downtime.

Skin Resurfacing

Tone & Texture treatments use CO2 laser skin resurfacing technologies to smooth out and balance the skin